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Sheepdog Targets was founded on the idea that we would find problems in our industry and design products to solve them. We recognize there are a multitude of target manufacturers and suppliers, and we are humbled your curiosity brought you here. Sheepdog Targets will always have a passion for the shooting community, and we pledge to only provide products that we feel make the industry better. Our family puts in hours of hard work into research & development to be sure we are solving problems for our customers. If you have questions, or comments, please feel free to reach out! Thank you for stopping by, remember to shoot safe, and train hard.

Note from the founder: Every business must endeavor to solve a problem in their respective industry. You cannot survive by simply taking up space in the marketplace, plucking low-hanging fruit. The moment a market takes a turn, or you stop solving a problem, your competition will fill the void. Always keep moving, never stay stagnant. -Joey Allison

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